Eyebrow Removal

Semi/Permanent Eyebrow Removal

Eyebrows are becoming very popular for being removed. A lot of people are having semi-permanent/permanent eyebrows but are disappointed with the outcome of the finished job. We have been removing eyebrows for over 5 years and have satisfied many clients by restoring their eyebrows back to their normal form. This treatment is ideal if you are planning to have them redone or to keep the eyebrows natural. Being unhappy with something like this can be very stressful and interfere with your day to day routine. But this is where we're here to help!

From £40 a session, you can start treatment straight away. The average semi-permanent/permanent eyebrow removal can take between 3 - 6 treatments, having 1 treatment every 5/6 weeks. For more information/questions please contact us or call us at 0784 632 4617.

Eyebrow Removal


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